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Certification Program Overview & Policies


The FMWA Certified Piano MoverTM program was developed to provide movers with a verifiable certification process that demonstrates professional status and marketable competency to potential customers. It was designed to assist consumers in identifying credible competent piano movers. It functions to distinguish credible persons from many unscrupulous individuals who may hold themselves out as certified, when they are not.

The program offers FMWA sponsored online training which can be completed by clicking on the link below. All movers who take part in moving a piano must be certified under this program to consider your company FMWA certified.

Certifications will last for 12 calendar months and there shall be an annual renewal of all certified piano movers. Failure to renew in a timely fashion shall result in the forfeiture of all rights related to the certification and shall require retraining and repayment of all current training costs. Additionally, the FMWA reserves the right to review the activities of any certified piano mover in the context of the FMWA Code of Ethics or any policies adopted by the FMWA Board specific to this program. This review shall be in accordance with the FMWA Ethics and Investigation Policy and can result in refusal to renew, immediate revocation, or any lesser penalty with regards to the trainees' certification.

All actively registered FMWA-certified piano movers shall be licensed to use the trademarked program title, certificate, and logo. In the event that certification is allowed to lapse or employment is terminated, certificate holders must immediately cease and desist utilizing the program's marks until such time as they are determined to be in good standing.

All policies and fees are subject to modification by the FMWA Board of Directors at any time, and any and all decisions by the board are considered final. To check the current policies regarding this program, contact FMWA headquarters at 850/222-6000.


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